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Pool safety precautions during the holiday weekend

With Labor Day just around the corner, summer is winding down in California. Grilling and relaxing around the community pool is a favorite way for many people to spend the holiday weekend If an afternoon of sun and splashing around stops due to a slip and fall injury, there may be grounds for a claim. At the Law Offices of John Rapillo, we often assist clients with their personal injury cases.

FindLaw reports that many issues can cause a slip and fall injury. The most common hazards include slippering decking around the pool and floors in the nearby facilities. The presence of pool chemicals, inattentive or absence of lifeguards and improperly connected pool lights often create situations that result in accidents. However, sustaining injuries does not guarantee you can win a lawsuit. Several factors must also be present.

Property owners must take safety precautions in and around the pool area. Placing mats in slippery when wet areas, using the right chemicals and installing fencing that keeps unattended children from entering are all positive steps. These preventative measures indicate owner/manager awareness of the hazards and intent to reduce risk.

Can you prove the injury caused damages? You must show the consequences of your fall, such as pain and suffering, medical bills or lost wages. The embarrassment caused by the injury is not grounds for a claim.

Performing routine maintenance, correcting problems promptly and placing warning signs illustrate the owner or manager’s commitment to safety. Accidents can happen, despite precautions. However, if the pool falls into disrepair and you sustain injuries, you may have grounds for a claim. Visit our webpage for more information on this topic.

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