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Passenger safety for motorcyclists

When people are enjoying the beauty of California on the back of a motorcycle the thrill, adventure and satisfaction of exploration multiplies. Because motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles and require a unique type of control, riders would benefit from understanding how to keep their passengers safe.

Likewise, passengers who understand the behaviors that will reduce distraction and help their driver maintain focus may be better able to protect their safety and provide support to the driver.

Safety for drivers

Motorcyclists who plan to ride with passengers will benefit from making preparations before their trip. According to Esurance, stopping a motorcycle requires more time and effort when there is more weight. If drivers are relatively new to driving with passengers, they should consider practicing in an area that is not busy. Before passengers mount the bike, it should be adequately stabilized.

Safety for passengers

Motorcycle Habit suggests some helpful things for passengers to do so they stay safe on a motorcycle including the following:

  • Passengers should move in unison with the driver, leaning into turns and centering their body on the bike to assist in maintaining balance.
  • Passengers should act as an extra set of eyes for their drivers and be vigilant to recognize road hazards before it is too late.
  • Passengers should wear appropriate clothing including long pants, a helmet and durable footwear.
  • Passengers should sit relatively close to the driver to reduce the recurring impact between their bodies that sometimes happens as part of motorcycling.

Drivers and their passengers who maintain good communication may effectively work together to assure that their ride is both safe and enjoyable.

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