California Intentional & Negligent Infliction Of Emotional Distress

You Have Options To Fight Intentional And Negligent Infliction Of Emotional Distress

Some events in our lives can be so traumatic that we suffer severe emotional distress. Emotional distress can be just as debilitating and harmful as any physical injury. When you struggle emotionally, you may be unable to function or work. It can tough to enjoy your life the way you did before.

You may have the right to file a lawsuit if someone else intentionally or negligently caused your emotional distress. Money won’t let you turn back time to erase the traumatic event, but it can be very helpful on your road to recovery. Punitive damages may even be available to punish the person responsible for your suffering.

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Do Not Underestimate The Impact Of An Emotional Injury

Many people underestimate the impact of emotional injuries. Emotional distress can affect every aspect of your life. It can change your relationships, prevent you from doing the things you once loved, and keep you from going to work.

It’s not uncommon for victims of emotional distress to develop physical symptoms and complications. You shouldn’t have to deal with the consequences of your emotional injury on your own. Someone else is to blame, and you can hold them financially responsible.

You can pursue compensation on your own. However, you’re much more likely to file a successful case and get the money you deserve when you work with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Here’s why:

  • Laws and procedures relevant to your emotional distress case are complicated
  • You may not know what your personal injury case is worth
  • You may not know who you can blame for your emotional distress
  • Insurance companies will try to manipulate you and limit your payout
  • Others will try to blame you for your own emotional injuries.

Our personal injury lawyers will aggressively pursue compensation on your behalf. We’ll find out what caused your emotional distress and identify who is to blame. We will also work with some of the best mental health, vocational and medical experts in Orange County to make sure that your case is valued properly. As your attorneys, it’s our goal to make sure that you are fully compensated for any harm you’ve suffered.

Get Help Today

Emotional distress can affect every aspect of your life. You may even begin to manifest physical injuries, illnesses and symptoms. If someone else intentionally, reckless or negligently caused your distress, you have the right to demand compensation. Our attorneys can help you maximize your financial award.

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