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Dangerous Products FAQ

Dangerous Products
Dangerous Products FAQ

Is There A Time Limit To Bring A Dangerous Products Lawsuit?

Under California law, victims have only two years to bring defective products claims, regardless of the legal theory they use. The brief statute of limitations means that an attorney must get to work quickly to preserve your claim, because once the two-year period lapses, it is almost impossible to obtain fair compensation for injuries.

What Is A Design Defect?

To maximize profits, most manufacturers design consumer products in a way that puts usefulness, attractiveness, low cost and a host of other attributes in front of product safety, and this approach often has disastrous consequences.

What Is A Manufacturing Defect?

If the products are reasonably safe as designed yet are incorrectly manufactured or shipped, the manufacturer of the product is typically still responsible for the injuries that it causes.

What Is “Failure To Warn”?

Some manufacturers do not label their products properly. In doing so, they hide possible harmful side effects or product dangers, to keep their sales remaining strong.

What Damages Are Available To Defective Products Victims?

If the victim proves a defect or a failure to warn by a preponderance of the evidence, the manufacturer is responsible for paying the victim’s medical bills, emergency room costs and lost wages. The manufacturer will also be responsible to pay for noneconomic damages, including loss of enjoyment in life.

Juries often award punitive damages, which are designed to punish the negligent party and to deter future wrongdoing in defective products cases.

Should I Hire A Lawyer To Help Me With My Dangerous Products Case?

An experienced defective products attorney can help you explore all your options for seeking the maximum compensation for your injuries. For example, in addition to strict liability claims, victims may also bring standard negligence cases or sue under a breach of warranty. Call the Law Offices of John Rapillo at 949-675-5060 today for a free consultation to start your case.

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