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How can I prevent a motorcycle crash?

Many people in Orange County, California, find that riding a motorcycle is so fun and efficient. Given that the weather here is so nice year-round, being exposed to the elements on two wheels is definitely a fun and thrifty way to travel. However, it is no secret that motorcyclists are at higher risk of being seriously injured or even killed in an accident as compared to somebody in a four-wheel vehicle. Therefore, it is imperative for California motorcyclists to do all they can to protect themselves. According to Motorcycle Cruiser, the average time between collision sequence and crash is a mere 1.9 seconds. An ounce of prevention can make sure you do not become a statistic.

The first thing is to ensure that you are as visible to other motorists as possible. Most accidents involving a motorcycle and a car are a result of the car driver not seeing the motorcyclist. You can ensure that you are visible by wearing brightly colored protective gear and helmets, and riding with the high beam on even during the day.

Freeways are also safer than side streets. Since there is no cross traffic, there is less chance of a turning vehicle cutting you off. Avoiding shopping districts is also wise.

Also, never drink and ride. Motorcyclists who have more than one beer in their systems are 40% more likely to end up in a wreck than those who have less. Plus, drinking also leads to the most fatal sort of accident: running off the road.

With these tips in mind, you will help ensure that you live to ride another day.

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