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Monthly Archives: August 2020

What is proper safety gear for bicyclists?

As a bicyclist, you are quite vulnerable when riding on the roads. In an accident, you can suffer serious injuries if you are not wearing the proper safety gear. explains that safety gear goes far beyond a helmet, even though it is an important piece of…

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The physical and emotional toll of a dog attack

According to WebMD, dogs attack over 4,000,000 Americans every single year. Then for one out of every five of these attacks, people require medical attention. To some people’s surprise, not all attacks are from strays. Most attacks occur between dogs and humans who are familiar with one…

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Are your children’s summer toys dangerous?

As a parent, you realize that some toys can be dangerous to your children. Examples include lawn darts and hoverboards with exploding batteries. You may even know that the American Academy of Pediatrics advises against trampoline use. But did you know that other summer staples may also…

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