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Monthly Archives: May 2021

How drivers can reduce the risk of a collision

If you are like many people, driving a vehicle is a necessary part of your day, but a car accident can have life-altering implications for both your health and finances. Most collisions are avoidable. Here are some steps you can take as a driver to reduce your…

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Not all car accident injuries exhibit physical symptoms

When most people think of car accident injury symptoms, they think of physical ones, such as neck pain, headaches and low back stiffness. However, some injuries also exhibit mental or psychological symptoms. Traumatic brain injuries have both physical and mental symptoms. Post-traumatic stress disorder is another common…

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What are some unique problems motorcyclists face on the road?

While riding on the open road on your motorcycle, you may feel almost invincible when it comes to avoiding danger. However, these smaller vehicles often carry with them unique issues that can lead to a crash. Lack of protection According to the National Safety Council, drivers of…

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