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How to lower the risks of cycling accidents?

Riding bicycles without the proper gear and discipline can be dangerous. Cyclists should pay attention to their surroundings to lower the risk of accidents. Many bicycle accidents come from riders not following traffic rules or multitasking. Accidents can come from vehicles or pedestrians in Southern California as well.

Dangers of cycling

Bicycle accidents may cause physical injuries, damage to pedestrians and property damage. Injuries from bicycle accidents may include cuts, bruises and concussions, fractures or even death. Property and pedestrian damages include any vehicle or person involved in the accident. The severity of bicycle accidents depends on the speed. 0.55% of bicycle accidents end in death, 18% end in serious injuries and 81.44% end with minor injuries.

Causes of bicycle accidents

There are many ways for bicycle accidents to happen. Sometimes cyclists collide with open car doors. Cyclists may also cause accidents by multitasking while riding. Vehicles may cause accidents by side-sweeping or rear-ending cyclists. Potholes cause accidents on the sidewalk and road. Some riding locations have higher chances of bicycle accidents as well. Roundabouts cause bicycle accidents because many cyclists can’t properly compete with traffic. Accidents at crosswalks or intersections may happen because of the lack of lights. Sometimes cyclists can’t see pedestrians ahead of time at the crosswalk.

Preventing bicycle accidents

Everyone should follow the rules of the road to prevent accidents. The government regulations and speed limits are for vehicles and bicycles alike. Cyclists should check their tires, breaks and equipped gear before leaving. Wearing loose-fitting clothes protects cyclists from getting cloth stuck in moving parts.

Cyclists can wear helmets and fluorescent-colored clothing while riding. Bicycles can have bells and hazard lights for safety. Cyclists and drivers should always have first aid kits on them when out. People should inspect the riding route and check the weather before leaving the house.

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