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Monthly Archives: November 2019

Helping children to understand how to play with a new dog

When people are going to visit family or friends in California who they know have a dog, it is wise for them to talk with their children beforehand about how to behave responsibly around a new animal they have never met. Because dogs are so beloved and…

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Is your car’s infotainment system safe to use while driving?

Touted for their enhancements to vehicle safety and in-vehicle user experience, more and more vehicles offer infotainment systems as a standard feature. Involving multiple menus and the use of voice command functions, however, these systems may serve to increase drivers’ risk of getting into a collision that…

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The importance of wearing a motorcycle helmet in California

Motorcycling can be an exhilarating, fuel-efficient and convenient mode of transportation for people in California and elsewhere. Unfortunately, however, collisions involving motorcycles are an all too common occurrence. Lacking the exterior protection that a car or truck might provide, wearing protective gear such as helmets is essential…

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How can you remain safe on a bicycle

In California, there are over 100 fatal cyclist accidents per year and over 10,000 injuries due to bicycle accidents. Often, these accidents may be due to distractions or lack of attention on behalf of the driver, there are ways that bicyclists can protect themselves. On a bike,…

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