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Monthly Archives: December 2020

Costa Mesa driver under the influence kills boy riding bike

California has statutes and laws in place protecting motorists from drunk drivers. When people are convicted of a DUI in the state, they often receive probation, fines, lose their driver’s license and are required to complete an offender alcohol program, depending on the circumstances of the situation.…

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How can I protect my loved ones from a dog bite attack?

Whether you are a new pet owner or a longtime canine advocate, the moment you bring home a furry family member alters the environment for your children irrevocably. Though it might seem as if they are gaining a new companion to help them develop valuable life skills,…

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Why do drowsy drivers pose such a risk?

California drivers like you understand that the roads are full of dangers. While you have control over some of them, others fall outside of your control. Even if you can predict them and prepare for them, you cannot always prevent them. Drowsy driving falls under this category.…

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