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How can I protect my loved ones from a dog bite attack?

Whether you are a new pet owner or a longtime canine advocate, the moment you bring home a furry family member alters the environment for your children irrevocably. Though it might seem as if they are gaining a new companion to help them develop valuable life skills, they are also at risk of catastrophic injuries to their heads, necks, legs and outer extremities from dog attacks.

Dog attacks can happen even in the safest of environments, among the most familiar of companions. The following strategies can help mitigate the risk of adult and children dog bite attacks.

Always supervise

Children and animals are not always predictable, especially around each other. They also may not realize that dogs give off certain cues when they are no longer in a playful or docile mood and may snap at a moment’s notice. Never leave your children alone with the family pets, especially dogs. Attacks can happen in the blink of an eye.

Educate on aggressive canine behavior

Instruct your children on proper canine behavior. Make sure they are aware of how to identify the behavioral signs of a potentially aggressive animal or animal attack. They should know the warning signs, body signals and accident response protocol for dog attacks.

Train and groom fido

Dog and pet attacks are not always the result of provocation. Health, training and grooming issues can affect their emotional and physical well-being. Keep up with your pet’s health and grooming needs to prevent events that can have an adverse impact on your loved ones’ safety.

Awareness and safety are crucial to protect children and pets from each other.

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