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What are some unique problems motorcyclists face on the road?

While riding on the open road on your motorcycle, you may feel almost invincible when it comes to avoiding danger.

However, these smaller vehicles often carry with them unique issues that can lead to a crash.

Lack of protection

According to the National Safety Council, drivers of trucks or cars often do not see motorcycles in front or in back of them on the road due to their size. Injuries a motorcyclist receives can be even more serious than most car accidents because of this fact.

Although you should always wear safety gear such as helmets, the nature of the crash impacts you in a different way. Since there are no doors or chassis around you on a bike, it means any crash with another vehicle will leave you with worse injuries.

Less visibility

Distracted drivers may unknowingly violate a motorcyclist’s right of way and cause a crash. From a driver’s point of view, it can be harder to tell when someone on a motorcycle is signaling or attempting to turn into another lane.

Since you take up less space on the road, you may also fall off and face equally severe injuries if a car or truck knocks you off balance. This happens more frequently at higher speeds or on highways.

Greater impact from hazards

Spills and uneven spots on the road can be incredibly dangerous for motorcycles. These hazards can cause a fatal accident for people riding in a smaller vehicle and are often harder to avoid.

Motorcycles handle differently than cars and learning about the ways the size and handling of the bike impacts your safety can help you drive defensively.

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