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The physical and emotional toll of a dog attack

According to WebMD, dogs attack over 4,000,000 Americans every single year. Then for one out of every five of these attacks, people require medical attention. To some people’s surprise, not all attacks are from strays. Most attacks occur between dogs and humans who are familiar with one another.

If you were attacked by a dog, it is possible that you could suffer both physical and emotional injuries due to it.

What are the physical ramifications of a dog attack?

Dog bites can have a lot of serious physical ramifications. A person may suffer nerve damage, tears in the skin that require stitches and even infection due to the bite. Depending on the size of the dog and the nature of the attack, a person may have to visit the hospital. Some bites require stitches, whereas others may require bandages or painkillers, but little more than that. All bites, however, need to have monitoring in case they develop an infection.

What are the symptoms of PTSD after a dog attack?

Dog attacks are violent, traumatic events. You may notice symptoms of PTSD within a month of the attack. The following are symptoms of PTSD, as stated by MayoClinic:

  • Avoidance
  • Intrusive memories
  • Negative changes in mood and/or thinking
  • Changes in physical reactions
  • Changes in emotional reactions

With avoidance, you may avoid all talking about your experience. You may also avoid leaving your home or frequenting spaces where there may be dogs present. Many people would also avoid all dogs, due to the one attack. It may be difficult to get away from memories of the attack or to feel like yourself again following the bite.

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