What are some important car accident statistics to know?

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Staying safe of California roads means being aware of the potential dangers. By understanding some general car accident statistics, you can learn things that could help keep you from getting into a car accident of your own. Not only should you pay attention to what is happening between vehicles but also you should know about pedestrian and bicycle accidents since you share the roadways with them, too.

UC Berkley notes that in 2018, there were almost 37,000 people who died from car accidents in the state. That was slightly lower than 2017, but there is a projection of an increase in accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists. The decrease was only one percent whereas the projected increases are four percent for pedestrians and 10% for bicyclists.

The school has developed a tool you can use to help you stay informed about accidents and injuries called the Transportation Injury Mapping System. It is free to use and gives you easy to read crash data. It uses Google to give you street views of accidents as well, along with maps of areas affected.

Planning ahead and using a tool like this can help you to commute more easily and avoid traffic jams due to accidents. Furthermore, studying this information can allow you to note areas with frequent accidents, which you can then avoid. Avoiding such areas can help you to stay safer on the roads and not find yourself becoming a car accident statistic. This information is for education only, and it is not legal advice