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What can be done in the aftermath of a dog attack?

California residents who have suffered from dog attacks will need to act quickly in order to preserve their health and ensure that they get the medical treatment they need.

FindLaw takes a look at the first steps that should be done after a dog bite attack occurs. Of course, the first thing you should do is get your injury looked at by a doctor regardless of whether or not it seems severe. They can examine it properly and see whether or not you are in need of further medical treatment.

If the injury isn’ t too bad, you can exchange information with the owner of the dog first . Treat this as you would the scene of a car crash. Exchange names, addresses, and other contact information. If you must seek medical attention first, you should at least get a na me and number for later contact. You will need this if you decide to seek compensation at a later time.

You will need to see if there were any potential witnesses at the time of the attack next. They can be crucial in a compensation case. See if anyone was in the area when the incident occurred and try to track them down to interview them for witness statements and contact information . Finally, filing a report with your local animal control agency can help to prevent dog bites in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about how to handle the aftermath of a bite attack , consider talking to an attorney who can help you figure out what your next steps could be.

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