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The emotional impact of traumatic brain injuries

California residents may have their lives flipped around by traumatic brain injuries. Also known as TBIs, these injuries have lasting mental and physical impacts on a person. Today we will take a look at some of the emotional impacts they have. Professionals discuss these things a little less often.

Mayo Clinic lists off many symptoms common in traumatic brain injuries. Of these symptoms, some involve changes in a person’s behavioral patterns or personality. For example, a victim may become:

  • More hostile or aggressive
  • Easier to agitate or irritate
  • Prone to lashing out at others
  • Prone to falling into depressive or anxious states

The severity of these issues depend on how serious the injury was. Location also plays a role. For example, injuries to the frontal lobe affect self-restraint.

Many victims of TBIs feel negative emotions in the aftermath of the incident. Confusion or distress is common. Many feel fear or even anger at their circumstances. If they have memory problems due to the TBI, these feelings are even stronger. These emotions often combine with an inability to restrain themselves. It results in a victim lashing out at loved ones out of anger or fear.

This is traumatic both for the victim and their loved ones. It is especially difficult to see if the victim did not show these behaviors before the injury. Many caretakers and loved ones want to draw away because of this. This results in the victim feeling more isolated. It becomes a vicious cycle where their erratic behavior reinforces their negative emotions. This is why understanding the behavior of TBI victims is so important.

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