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What are the most common causes of slip-and-fall accidents?

Slip-and-fall accidents can lead to serious injuries. They are especially dangerous for the elderly whose bones may not be as strong, making them more susceptible to breaks. However, anyone can suffer a broken bone, head injury or other serious injury due to a fall. The worst thing is that this type of accident can happen almost anywhere, from the sidewalk to your own home. Knowing the potential hazards that lead to this type of accident may help you to avoid them.

SafeStart explains that there are three main hazards that lead to slip-and-fall accidents. The leading factor is human error. This might be making a misstep or it could be something like not navigating around an obstacle correctly. Even just rushing as you walk, could lead to a fall even without any other issue with the ground surface.

Wet surfaces come in a close second. There is very little that you can do when a slippery floor is present. Whether it is due to people walking with wet shoes or a spill of some kind, a wet floor is incredibly dangerous because it reduces traction. A wet floor becomes almost like ice, and if you do not see it in time, then you will probably end up slipping.

Lastly, general housekeeping issues are to blame for some slip-and-fall accidents. This includes obstacles in the walkway, such as sticks on sidewalks or clutter in your home. Not keeping walkways clean mean that you have to constantly pay attention and step over obstacles. If you miss one, then it can easily lead to a fall.

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