Dog bites and the fear response

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Dog Bite Attacks

California has plenty of dog owners. This means there are a lot of dogs in the state. Unfortunately, this also means that California has many dog attack cases. 

The victims of dog attacks often suffer from physical and emotional damage. Today we will look at some of the mental and emotional struggles victims may go through after an attack. 

Phobias in dog bite victims 

The fear response a victim has in relation to a bite attack depends on several factors. It depends on how the victim handles trauma. It also depends on how vicious the attack was. The more vicious an attack, the harder it is for a victim to cope with their trauma. 

Many victims end up suffering from the development or exacerbation of phobias. This means they have new fears or old fears worsen. The most common of these fears include agoraphobia and cynophobia. The latter is a fear of dogs. The former is a fear of leaving one’s home. Victims sometimes become agoraphobic. This is because they do not want to risk running into dogs outside. 

The development of post traumatic stress disorder 

Some victims even develop post traumatic stress disorder. This is a fear response. Events that cause deep-rooted psychological trauma trigger it. Like phobias, PTSD is often difficult for a victim to overcome. 

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