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A common result of a car crash, TBI can have lasting effects

Rear-end collisions occur frequently in California and people often walk away from them.

However, even a low-speed crash can leave the victim with a traumatic brain injury requiring extended and possibly lifelong treatment.

Understanding TBI

An open traumatic brain injury occurs when a foreign object penetrates the skull and lodges in the brain. The much more common closed TBI results from a blow to the head. As the victim of a rear-end collision, for example, you might strike your head on the steering wheel. Following an injury, the brain tries to rewire itself by forging new routes among still-healthy brain cells, an effort that requires rehabilitation assistance.

Enduring and relearning

The first goal of rehabilitation is to help the patient relearn basic skills so as lead as full a life as possible. A secondary goal is to help the patient compensate for any impairment that might remain, even if that impairment lasts for a lifetime. When the brain experiences trauma such as that caused in the violent jolt from a car crash, the trauma always brings about cognitive issues, such as problems with concentration, memory and language.

Managing the difficulties

As an accident victim, you may experience other issues in addition to TBI, such as broken bones, so you may attend physical therapy sessions for various kinds of injuries. You will likely feel the emotional effects of TBI, but you need not worry about the costs associated with your treatment. While you focus on your recovery, you can rely on a compassionate advocate well able to negotiate maximum insurance compensation on your behalf, even compensation you might need for a lifetime of care.

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