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Is the settlement offer fair?

You got an injury. Maybe you slipped and fell in a grocery store freezer aisle or outside a chain restaurant. Almost right afterwards, you got a settlement offer.

This is a relatively common scenario. The big question is: Is your offer fair? Here are two of the biggest warning signs to look for when considering your offer.


Initial settlement offers sometimes woefully miss the amount necessary for you to recover. At first, a few thousand dollars might seem like a lot of money. However, costs add up quickly. Did you know that the average hospital stay costs over $10,000?

You deserve compensation for injuries that someone else caused. A few short calculations including all long-term costs should indicate whether the offer is even remotely fair.


If the offer is not inadequate objectively, it might come from statistics. Statistics are not helpful for you.

You would not pay an average amount for your type of injury. You would pay as much as your specific treatment costs. You would not suffer an average amount. Your pain would be unique to you.

In short, a fair offer is the result of a detailed analysis of your case. If you receive the offer in the hours, days or even weeks after your accident, then it is entirely likely that nobody took the time to calculate how much you really need.

In short, it is usually wise to assume that a quick initial offer is not a fair deal. Either the insurance company did not have time to do their homework, or else you might be the target of a cost-reduction policy. Both indicate the need for further negotiation.

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