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Information about slip and fall accidents

Slips and falls can result in a variety of injuries and even death. Elderly people are at a greater risk of falling, although certain hazardous conditions can put anyone at risk.

When a fall occurs and it leads to an injury, the victim may be able to take legal action if it occurred due to the negligence of someone else, although this can be difficult to prove.

Stats related to falls

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 20% of falls result in serious injuries such as head injuries and fractures, with hip fractures being the most common. People older than 65 years of age are especially susceptible to falls, with more than 25% of the population falling every year.

The medical costs associated with fall injuries are more than 50 million dollars each year. Along with head injuries and hip fractures, other common injuries include broken wrists, arms and ankles.

Many falls are due to factors such as vision issues, improper footwear, medication use, balance difficulties and physical weakness. However, other slips and falls relate to conditions such as a broken step, slippery floors and uneven flooring. If a fall occurs on someone else’s property or place of business, and the cause was preventable, there may be a case for legal action.

Proving negligence

According to FindLaw, proving liability for a fall can be tricky. The plaintiff must be able to prove that the property owner should have known about the hazard, or did know about it, and did not take the steps to fix it, or that the owner caused the hazardous condition and, again, did not take action to fix it in a timely manner.

All property owners must take reasonable steps to make sure all aspects of the property are free from hazards. If owners do take appropriate precautions and the injury victim fell due to not being aware or careful enough, there is usually no basis for a lawsuit.

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