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DUI charges filed following fatal motorcycle accident in El Cajon

Motorcyclists in California likely understand the risks inherent with traveling on the state’s roads. The nature of their vehicles leaves them exposed and more vulnerable to injury than those traveling in traditional vehicles. Because of this, motorcyclists may feel compelled to be extra vigilant, from ensuring that they wear adequate protection to being alert and attentive to both their own and the position of other vehicles on the road.

This added urgency that motorcyclists feel to remain safe should not, however, create an impression that accident avoidance is primarily on them. Not only should motorists remain alert to the presence of motorcycles on the road, but they also should avoid any reckless or careless practices that put motorcyclists (and anyone else) at risk.

El Cajon motorcyclist killed in collision

Driving under the influence certainly qualifies as reckless behavior. That is exactly what law enforcement officials allege a Santee woman did. According to the local CBS affiliate, authorities responded to a call of an accident at an intersection in El Cajon. Reports indicate that the woman pulled into an intersection in front of a motorcyclist traveling from the opposite direction. The motorcyclist collided with her vehicle and sustained significant injuries (which he later died from at a local hospital). Following the accident, officials charged the woman with DUI as well as vehicular manslaughter.

Seeking compensation in conjunction with a criminal case

Some might see a case such as this (where the responsible party faces criminal charges) and believe that any civil action must wait until the criminal proceedings play out. That is not the case; one can pursue a liability claim while authorities prosecute a criminal case regarding the same matter. Those looking to file such a claim may want to enlist the assistance of a reliable legal professional.

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