Can an auto accident alter your personality?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2021 | Firm News

Getting into a collision with another vehicle might not inflict any serious injuries on you, at least not ones with obvious symptoms like bleeding or bruises. An impact to your head that injures your brain could cause other problems. You might start to act differently following your accident.

Even if you do not suffer any lasting pain from a motor vehicle accident, your personality could start to change. You may not notice it, but your friends and family might. Alterations in your behavior could affect your relationships with those you care about.

How a head injury changes your personality

Brainline explains that sustaining an injury to the brain can damage how your brain understands outside stimuli. Your brain may have trouble sending signals from the thinking part of your brain to the area that regulates your emotions. As a result, you might react in ways unusual for you. You might act withdrawn whereas before you were more outgoing and talkative. You may even respond with an emotion inappropriate for a given situation.

Your injury aftermath may be a factor

Changes to your personality may also stem from your distress or anger towards your situation following your injury. You may have to deal with physical rehabilitation, negotiations with your insurer and possibly courtroom proceedings to receive injury compensation. All of these issues may take a toll on your life and worsen your psychological health.

There are ways to handle your situation

Part of your recovery may involve going to a professional therapist to help you understand what the accident has done to you. Treating your brain injury could help you react better to situations and regain some or perhaps all of your old personality. You might also visit a physician who will recommend medicine to help treat your condition.