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Examining statistics on bike accidents

If your child enjoys riding his or her bicycle or you regularly ride your bike to work or as a way to get more exercise, you need to go over various risk factors and understand the prevalence of bike accidents. Sadly, many bike accidents involve vehicles and bicyclists are especially vulnerable when these collisions occur. Many suffer serious injuries and even lose their lives as a result of careless drivers.

From drunk drivers to poor visibility and chaotic traffic, these accidents continue to occur for a host of reasons.

Looking at data on deadly bike accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides insightful statistics on serious bike accidents. According to the NHTSA, 37% of all deadly bike accidents in 2017 involved alcohol and eight times as many male bicyclists lost their lives in comparison to female bicyclists. Over the course of the year, a majority of bicyclist fatalities took place between 6 PM and 9 PM, which highlights the dangers associated with riding a bike in the evening. In 2017, 75% of fatal bike accidents happened on urban roads.

Looking at strategies to avoid bike accidents

Although it helps to recognize when serious bicycle accidents occur more frequently, you need to remember that bicycle accidents can occur at any time and in any environment. To decrease the odds of an accident, wear bright clothing in the day and use reflectors at night to help drivers see you. Plan ahead and identify safer routes in order to avoid chaotic traffic and especially dangerous sections of the road. Look for hazards, such as potholes, and keep an eye out for negligent drivers.

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