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What store conditions lead to slip and fall accidents?

While shopping, you may notice several hazards that can lead to a severe slip and fall accident.

Store owners are legally obligated to keep their buildings clear of certain hazards or else customers may face safety issues.

Uncleaned spills

According to FindLaw, negligence from store staff can lead to unclean and unsafe floors inside a building. Problems such as a puddle of water or spilled juice on the ground in front of a shelf can potentially cause someone to trip. This negligence is especially dangerous if the staff was already aware of a tripping hazard and still did not clean it up.

Melted ice and leftover snow make it easy for shoppers to accidentally slip while walking inside in the wintertime. Taking care to clean up any common areas where many people walk can help owners prevent serious falls.

Lack of warning signs

When there is an easily missed hazard where many customers walk, the property owner must post a sign near it. This sign can help warn unaware shoppers about anything from a spill to an uneven bit of flooring. Without these warnings, people could easily slip, which can be especially dangerous on concrete floors. Head or spinal injuries often occur from trauma from a fall.

Dark and unlit areas

Although it may not seem obvious at first, poorly lit areas can greatly impact a shopper’s safety. Parking lots are a common place for people to trip and fall because of the various holes and patches typically found in them, as well as lack of proper lighting.

The property owner should fix these problems once he or she first realizes or learns about them. Purchasing lighting and replacing old bulbs, along with putting up warning signs and cleaning slick areas, can help prevent slip and fall accidents.

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