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Authorities suspect DUI in fatal car accident in Nipomo

Most people in California likely understand that there is an inherent risk posed to them every time they get behind the wheel of their cars. However, most accept this risk assuming that the other motorists they share the state’s roads with care as much about avoiding car accidents as they do.

In many instances, that assumption proves true. Still, there is the risk that one might encounter another acting blatantly negligent behind the wheel. Sadly those involved often have no control over those situations (yet end up suffering because of them).

Accident on Highway 101 kills one, injures two others

This fact was on full display in a recent accident that occurred on Highway 101 in Nipomo. The local NBC News affiliate reported that highway patrol officials arrived on the scene of the two-vehicle accident to find one person ejected from their vehicle (who later died from their injuries) and two others severely wounded (they later received treatment at a local medical center). The driver that hit them reportedly fled from the scene on foot; authorities later located and apprehended him. He now faces multiple charges stemming from the accident, including suspicion of felony DUI.

Civil accountability for criminal actions

Many people might assume in cases like this that those responsible (if authorities prove their impairment) will face criminal charges. This may lead accident victims to believe that they must wait until the subsequent criminal case concludes before they can pursue legal action. Yet that is not the case. Authorities recognize the need accident victims may have for immediate compensation in order to meet the expenses their ordeals leave them dealing with. . Thus, they permit civil and criminal cases to occur concurrently.

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