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The main reasons why cars crash

Everyone knows about the aftereffects of car accidents in California. But not everyone knows the reasons why they occur in the first place. Consider the most well-known factors that are likely to cause car accidents.

Distracted driving

One of the most common cause of motor vehicle accidents is driving while distracted. The threat has grown since the increasing popularity of texting. In addition, talking on the phone, eating, changing the radio stations and arguing with passengers are distractors that lead to crashes.

It takes only a few seconds of looking down to get into a rear-end collision. Looking out the window for a few seconds causes some drivers to swerve out of lane and collide with other vehicles. The main solution is to wait until reaching a stop light or sign to perform a quick task. To avoid a collision, keep a good distance between you and the car in front or to the side.


Speeding makes it more difficult to maintain control of a vehicle. The faster you drive, the longer it takes to slow down the vehicle and the harder it is to prevent a collision. Speeding is not safe with or without any other vehicle around. Even without other drivers, you can crash into a fence, tree or traffic barrier if you combine a fast speed with bad driving moves.

Avoiding accidents on the road

The most careful and experienced drivers crash cars every year. One distraction that lasts for three or four seconds is enough to cause a significant accident. Knowing about the most common causes of crashes is necessary to stay out of danger.

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