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Was 2021 a year with high car crash fatalities?

Traffic accidents happen throughout the United States and some result in tragedies. When two vehicles collide at high speeds, fatalities might occur. Fatal car accidents in California might involve vehicles traveling at low speeds and inflicting harm on pedestrians. Drivers who put safety first and practice better awareness may cut down on the chances of a terrible collision. Accident figures from early 2021 might motivate some drivers to behave better on the road.

2021 figures reveal a deadly year for car incidents

Accident statistics from the first three months of 2021 show that 8,730 people died during this period. The number displays a significant 10.5% increase in deaths from the same time in 2020. Several factors likely contributed to the fatality increase, such as dramatic changes in driving behaviors.

When drivers embrace speeding or other moving violations, their driving behaviors put themselves and others at risk. Road conditions may change, but laws remain in place. Drivers could feel tempted to break them when fewer vehicles are on the road, but negligent driving behavior could lead to crashes and subsequent lawsuits.

Avoiding car crashes

Fatal car accidents may be more likely when a driver is distracted or reckless. Someone who gets too distracted easily, such as a driver more concerned with the radio than the road, might increase the chances of a collision. Anyone who makes illegal turns because they don’t see anyone around might not notice a bicyclist until it is too late.

Becoming a more defensive driver has its benefits. Other drivers and even pedestrians could act impulsively when traveling, so a defensive driver might avoid a crash and prevent serious injuries. Defensive driving is a good skill to possess under any driving conditions or seasons of the year.

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