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What causes dogs to bite

California residents may know how scary it is to be on the other end of a dog bite. There are many reasons for a dog to bite someone seemingly out of nowhere, and the consequences can be disastrous.

Communicating health problems

One of the primary ways dogs communicate is through verbal cues like barking, growling and whining. Dogs also communicate through action. Often, how dogs correct behavior or get other animals to leave them alone is through nipping or biting.

A dog who is in pain from an injury or illness might growl and then bite to be left alone. A dog is also prone to bite when subjected to a surprise injury, such as someone stepping on their tail or pulling at their fur.

Poor training and socialization

A lot of dogs start to show signs of aggression as a response to poor socialization or training. When dogs don’t know how to react to new people or animals, they’re prone to react by barking loudly and even charging at the person or animal.

Most dogs can be trained out of this aggressive behavior, but a dog who has repeatedly shown signs of aggression that leads to biting or injury might face serious consequences. This can include anything from the dog being surrendered to being put down.

What happens if a dog bites someone?

A lot of things can happen after a dog bites someone. If the bite breaks skin, the owner must show proof of vaccination in order to make sure the bite isn’t going to get infected.

The person who was bit might choose to press charges against the dog owner. Every case is different based on the injuries and the people involved, so it’s important for bite victims to research their options thoroughly.

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