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5 common reasons for motorcycle accidents

If you operate a motorcycle in California, you know it’s essential to ride as safely as possible. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents can occur due to several different reasons. Here are five you should be aware of.

Using alcohol or drugs

Drinking alcohol while operating a motorcycle is one of the major causes of crashes. According to NHTSA studies, about 30% of individuals who died in a motorcycle accident had a blood alcohol concentration over the legal limit. Alcohol begins to negatively affect your brain after just one drink, changing your judgment, reasoning, balance, and coordination.


Speed is another major factor creating motorcycle accidents. While going through a corner or straight stretch at high speeds can be exhilarating, it can also boost the odds of crashing your motorcycle. Riding your motorcycle at high speeds is typically a danger to yourself and others on the roadway.

Lack of experience

If you haven’t ridden a motorcycle regularly, it boosts the odds of having an accident. To decrease the probability of getting into a wreck with your motorcycle, you may want to spend time training. Understanding more about motorcycling drills and essential motorcycle functions may help keep you safer when riding your bike.

Mechanical problems

Having a mechanical problem may also lead to a motorcycle crash. If your brakes fail or you have a tire blowout, it could be highly detrimental to your ability to stay stable. Assessing the condition of your tires should be performed periodically to help ensure they are the best they can be.

Weather conditions

Motorcycles can be affected by different types of weather. When it’s warm, you may experience decreased traction. During the fall, leaves on the ground may make it slick, and rainstorms can also create wet surfaces, making them difficult to traverse.

Being aware of different reasons why motorcycle crashes happen will help you become more aware of problems that can occur when riding your motorcycle. By driving defensively, you can better avoid accidents.

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