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Life-threatening bacteria found in Walmart air fresheners

The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued an October 2021 recall for Better Homes and Garden brand air fresheners sold at Walmart stores throughout the U.S. The product, an aromatherapy spray, contains a rare type of bacteria that can potentially cause melioidosis, a life-threatening infection.

Learn more about the recall if you have recently purchased this type of scented home product.

Scope of the recall

The CPSC says that the recall affects 4,000 units of the product, sold in glass bottles at more than 50 Walmart locations. The spray was manufactured in India.

If you purchased this product, the CPCS says you should not dispose of or use the bottle. Instead, put it inside two plastic bags, then inside a box, and bring it back to Walmart customer service. If you already used the product, be sure to disinfect all surfaces the spray may have touched.

Symptoms of melioidosis

So far, four people in four states have become ill after using the home fragrance spray. Two of these individuals died, including a child.

If you contract melioidosis by breathing the bacteria, symptoms may include loss of appetite, headache, high fever, chest pain and cough. Skin contact with the bacteria can cause abscess, ulcer, fever, or pain and swell in the affected area. If untreated, the infection can become systemic and life-threatening.

Seek medical attention if you notice the signs and symptoms of melioidosis after purchasing the Better Homes and Gardens aromatherapy spray. If you or a loved one suffers an injury related to this product, you may be eligible for legal compensation.

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