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What NOT to do after a crash

Auto accidents are uncommon moments in the life of most Californians, and especially injured victims. Knowing what to do following the accident can be difficult for many who are confused in the immediate aftermath. The most important thing to do is remain calm in as much as it is possible, and then contact emergency personnel when it is a serious accident. While some accidents are not as serious as others, it is still vital to call 911 when anyone is injured or there is significant damage to an auto to the point that it cannot be driven. There will usually be legal claims involved, and an official accident report is necessary for proper compensation. Additionally, knowing what NOT to do is important as well.

Do not leave the scene

Even in a minor mishap, it is never a good decision to leave the scene before officers arrive. It is actually California law to remain at the scene when anyone is injured or significant damage is done to a vehicle.

Do not refuse medical attention

It is important to have a medical technician at least evaluate any injuries that are obvious. Many individuals with mild to moderate injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents think the issue will go away only to later manifest as a worsening and often long-term condition. Seek medical attention immediately.

Do not admit fault to anyone

It is imperative to never admit fault in any car accident discussion or investigation. Police officers will want to talk to as many people as possible when conducting an accident investigation, but drivers should be succinct in answers and do not embellish beyond directly answering the questions.

In addition to these three main concerns, do not fail to take photos of the accident scene. Always keep them for personal use as well because fault can still be an issue and photographs can make excellent fault defense evidence.

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