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Are children more vulnerable to dog bite attacks?

Dog bite incidents could lead to terrible injuries and even deaths. Adults who suffer a bite may find themselves rushed to a California emergency room to treat the wounds and prevent infections. Imagine how worse things could be for a smaller child if a 200 lb adult cannot prevent terrible harm from a dog attack. A young child could lose a limb or even his or her life. Sadly, a significant number of dog bite incidents involve the animal attacking a child.

Children and dog bites

A young child might not recognize the dangers associated with certain dog breeds. The child could try to pet the animal, and the creature could react violently. The pet’s owner could share blame for how the dog acted, opening doors for civil claims.

Data reveals that roughly 50% of all dog bite incidents involve children, with 77% of the attacks involving a pet owned by a friend or relative. A child might feel comfortable with a relative or neighbor’s dog, not realizing how aggressive it is. Responsibilities may fall on an adult’s shoulders to keep the child from harm.

Negligence and dog bite incidents

If an owner does not keep a dog on a leash, the owner could be liable for any harm the animal inflicts. Leaving the dog outside in the yard unsupervised could be another example of negligence, even if there’s a fence. A low fence might not be enough to keep people, including children, away from the dog. Leaving the dog outside and unsupervised may reflect negligence in such instances of dog bites.

A homeowners’ insurance policy could cover dog bite attacks. An insurance claim could cover the various medical bills associated with the attack. However, breed exclusions and other clauses could exist that free the provider from any obligations. In such cases, the victim’s parents or guardians may file a civil suit.

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