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Bicycle fatalities are a problem in California

California remains a state with weather conditions residents and visitors appreciate. The state promotes “alternative means of travel,” and the mild climate helps the cause. That’s why so many bicyclists appear on California roads. Dangers exist when bicyclists and cars and trucks are close other. In a collision, the bicyclist may experience the worst results. Lacking the protection of a vehicle’s frame, a bicyclist may suffer fatal injuries. Sadly, the result appears to be on the increase in the Golden State.

Bicycle fatality figures in California prove worrisome

Any accidental death is a tragedy, and California has seen more tragic bicycle deaths recently than in the past 25 years. Bicycle fatalities rose across the country, but the figures from California are startling. Between 2016 and 2018, 455 cyclists lost their lives in accidents in the state.

Bicyclists would benefit from taking safety precautions when traveling. Not wearing a helmet or night-time reflective clothing could lead to regrettable injuries, and violating traffic laws comes with significant risks. However, there are factors outside a bicyclist’s control.

In recent years, consumers moved towards purchasing bigger and more powerful vehicles. SUVs and pickup trucks are popular, and their massive size could inflict severe damage on a bicyclist or pedestrian.

That’s not to say smaller cars possess no risks, though. Any moving vehicle could hurt a bicyclist or cause fatal injuries.

Liabilities and bicyclist deaths

Dangerous drivers, such as intoxicated and reckless ones, put bicyclists and others in harm’s way. Distracted drivers could do the same, and various advancements in vehicle technology appear to increase distracted behaviors. Being more concerned about changing music apps on a touchscreen than paying attention to the road could lead to fatal car and bicycle accidents.

“Traditional” distractions remain a problem, as people eat while driving or rubberneck. Such negligent behaviors could cost someone their life.

When negligence factors into a car and bicycle collision, the liable party could face a personal injury claim. An insurance policy may cover the damages, but the settlement won’t bring anyone back to life. Safe driving and bicycling practices could prevent such a tragic situation.

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