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Drivers can be very distracted in parking lots

Public roads are not the only driving locations in California where accidents can happen. Navigating parking lots can be problematic as well and, sometimes, even more confusing. Many drivers do not respect the direction arrows and stop signs in a parking lot, including large lots where a traffic system must be put in place. Additionally, there is also little security available to help with the traffic flow, and many drivers do not necessarily follow the markings. This disregard, coupled with a lack of enforcement, makes driving in a parking lot very distracting.

Constant close traffic

The fact that most drivers in a parking lot are moving at reduced speeds does not mean that accidents will not happen. Traffic is still very close in many situations with cars being much closer together than on the highway. Braking distances can be greatly reduced even for those who do follow the traffic flow indicators.

Erratic driving behavior

What many drivers do not realize is that a failure to follow parking lot traffic markers can result in negligent drivers being at fault for any car accidents that result. Drivers who fail to follow parking lot driving rules not only create distractions for other drivers, but they could also make navigating the lot on foot difficult as well.

Pedestrian traffic distractions

Pedestrian traffic can also be an issue when driving in a parking lot. California has many large lots with constant activity, and sometimes, traffic is more congested than on an open road. A prime example is sporting events or other congregations of high attendance, such as tailgating parties before festivities begin or afterward when leaving. This is actually when many parking lot accidents happen.

All California drivers need to be as attentive in parking lots as when driving on public roads. While it is private property, traffic laws still apply to all motorists when in transit.

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