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Wearing headsets is dangerous for bicyclists

Bicyclists enjoy traveling throughout Southern California since they can enjoy exercising while avoiding congested traffic jams. However, bicycle enthusiasts must avoid the temptation to violate traffic rules, which might come easy for those not inside a vehicle. Some may engage in outrageously dangerous behavior, such as wearing headsets in violation of state law. Those wearing headsets while riding around put themselves and others at great risk.

Headsets and collision horrors

Auditory alerts could help bicyclists avoid collisions. A car’s horn might warn a bicyclist to stop if the bicyclist hears the sound. Wearing headsets may make hearing the warning impossible, resulting in an otherwise avoidable crash.

Bicyclists might seek compensation for injuries, but fault could lie with the bicyclist. Again, California state law prohibits bicyclists from wearing headsets. Those that do could be liable for any collision.

That said, a vehicle’s driver could be partially at fault, as would be the case if the driver ignored a yield sign. A driver might be more at fault for the crash than the bicyclist, but such an outcome is not always the case. When a bicyclist’s action instigates a crash, including multicar collisions, the bicyclist may face the brunt of a civil suit.

Dangers to pedestrians

A collision between a bicyclist and a vehicle could turn out worse for the cyclist. Not all bicycle accidents involve hitting a car, though. Sometimes, a bicyclist may crash into a pedestrian, leaving the walker or jogger hurt. Imagine if a bicyclist wearing a headset was oblivious to a parent pushing a baby carriage. A tragedy might result.

Some bicyclists cause accidents when using their bikes to deliver food. Rushing to complete a delivery may have consequences when not caring about safety. Wearing headsets while rushing around congested streets may reflect a blatant disregard for safety.

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