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Yearly Archives: 2021

What are some unique problems motorcyclists face on the road?

While riding on the open road on your motorcycle, you may feel almost invincible when it comes to avoiding danger. However, these smaller vehicles often carry with them unique issues that can lead to a crash. Lack of protection According to the National Safety Council, drivers of…

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Are pet owners liable for injuries caused by their dogs?

Dogs bring so much enjoyment into the lives of their owners. As a result, dog owners must behave reasonably and responsibly, for the health of their pets and for the safety of others. When it comes to dog bites, owners are usually liable for subsequent injuries. According…

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A properly fitted bicycle helmet can save your life

With its many miles of bike lanes and paths plus year-round great weather, Orange County is just about perfect for bicycle enthusiasts. However, Orange County is also full of traffic, and bicyclists are vulnerable. One of the best defensive measures is to wear a properly fitted helmet,…

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Is this a Capnocytophaga infection?

After getting bitten by a dog, you need to seek immediate medical attention. Unfortunately, from the moment a dog’s teeth pierces your skin, you could be at severe risk for infection. Of these infections, those stemming from Capnocytophaga are unfortunately common one. Also unfortunate is the fact…

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Authorities suspect DUI in fatal car accident in Nipomo

Most people in California likely understand that there is an inherent risk posed to them every time they get behind the wheel of their cars. However, most accept this risk assuming that the other motorists they share the state’s roads with care as much about avoiding car…

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What store conditions lead to slip and fall accidents?

While shopping, you may notice several hazards that can lead to a severe slip and fall accident. Store owners are legally obligated to keep their buildings clear of certain hazards or else customers may face safety issues. Uncleaned spills According to FindLaw, negligence from store staff can…

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Examining statistics on bike accidents

If your child enjoys riding his or her bicycle or you regularly ride your bike to work or as a way to get more exercise, you need to go over various risk factors and understand the prevalence of bike accidents. Sadly, many bike accidents involve vehicles and…

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How does wrongful death work in California?

When someone dies in an accident caused by a third party, his or her family may have a case for legal damages. Filing this type of lawsuit can help cover the financial burden of burial expenses, final medical bills and lost wages of the deceased person. Review…

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Can an auto accident alter your personality?

Getting into a collision with another vehicle might not inflict any serious injuries on you, at least not ones with obvious symptoms like bleeding or bruises. An impact to your head that injures your brain could cause other problems. You might start to act differently following your…

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How can my passenger ride safely on my motorcycle?

There are very few things more rewarding than taking advantage of California’s beautiful roadways. One of the ways to make it better is to enjoy it on the back of a motorcycle. But if you truly want to take the pleasure to the next level, it is…

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