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What are common complications of a dog bite?

Many people brush off dog bite incidences as unfortunate yet harmless accidents, ones from which victims can recover with a little bit of Neosporin, a band aid and an upbeat attitude. Unfortunately, as you may well know, dog bites can and do result in complications. According to…

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DUI charges filed following fatal motorcycle accident in El Cajon

Motorcyclists in California likely understand the risks inherent with traveling on the state’s roads. The nature of their vehicles leaves them exposed and more vulnerable to injury than those traveling in traditional vehicles. Because of this, motorcyclists may feel compelled to be extra vigilant, from ensuring that…

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Costa Mesa driver under the influence kills boy riding bike

California has statutes and laws in place protecting motorists from drunk drivers. When people are convicted of a DUI in the state, they often receive probation, fines, lose their driver’s license and are required to complete an offender alcohol program, depending on the circumstances of the situation.…

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How can I protect my loved ones from a dog bite attack?

Whether you are a new pet owner or a longtime canine advocate, the moment you bring home a furry family member alters the environment for your children irrevocably. Though it might seem as if they are gaining a new companion to help them develop valuable life skills,…

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Why do drowsy drivers pose such a risk?

California drivers like you understand that the roads are full of dangers. While you have control over some of them, others fall outside of your control. Even if you can predict them and prepare for them, you cannot always prevent them. Drowsy driving falls under this category.…

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California dog bite liability laws

Dog bites can cause victims serious physical and emotional harm and result in costly medical bills. Because of this, California law allows victims to pursue compensation via personal injury lawsuits. Every state has a unique set of dog bite liability laws. While many states grant dog owners…

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Information about slip and fall accidents

Slips and falls can result in a variety of injuries and even death. Elderly people are at a greater risk of falling, although certain hazardous conditions can put anyone at risk. When a fall occurs and it leads to an injury, the victim may be able to…

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Is the settlement offer fair?

You got an injury. Maybe you slipped and fell in a grocery store freezer aisle or outside a chain restaurant. Almost right afterwards, you got a settlement offer. This is a relatively common scenario. The big question is: Is your offer fair? Here are two of the…

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A common result of a car crash, TBI can have lasting effects

Rear-end collisions occur frequently in California and people often walk away from them. However, even a low-speed crash can leave the victim with a traumatic brain injury requiring extended and possibly lifelong treatment. Understanding TBI An open traumatic brain injury occurs when a foreign object penetrates the…

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California cyclist deaths reach a 25-year high

You may feel lucky to live in California, where you have the option of biking where you need to go throughout much of the year, but the state is becoming more dangerous for cyclists. California’s bike fatalities have reached a 25-year high, and the number of cyclists…

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